We pursue architecture that restores, regenerates and elevates the urban environment.

COOKFOX is an architectural studio dedicated to a vision of integrated, environmentally responsive design. We believe good design is sustainable and we are committed to being wise stewards of our shared natural and cultural resources. Guided by our passion for excellence, belief in the collaborative process, and persistent curiosity, COOKFOX pursues projects that allow us to fundamentally re-think how people interact with buildings and the natural environment.

Starting with intensive research, we seek to understand each unique project in its environmental, cultural, and historical context. The work we do engages with layers of time and promotes a strong sense of place. Inspired by the legacy of artistry in architecture, we use technology and traditional techniques to bring the distinctive qualities of well-crafted materials and details into every project. Inspired by biophilia - design connecting people with nature - we pursue architecture that restores, regenerates, and elevates our collective experience of the urban environment.

With a deeply held sense of responsibility to our mission, COOKFOX seeks out projects of all scales and building types, engaging in those through which we can explore inventive responses to environmental and social issues. As individual architects, our work reflects our passion for creativity and embodies our highest beliefs and the brightest ambitions of our generation. Working as a team with our clients, we reconnect buildings with the systems that support life, enabling our projects to make a positive impact today and benefit generations to come.