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    • 12 30

      The Most Innovative Houses of 2011, Lloyd Alter, Treehugger
    • 11 30

      Flexible, Modern Live Work Homes in Syracuse Lands LEED Platinum, Wall Street Journal
    • 11 21

      Cook+Fox's Flexible Live Work Home Achieves LEED Platinum, Lori Zimmer, Inhabitat
    • 11 05

      St. Vincent's Site Is Rising, Josh Barbanel, Wall Street Journal
    • 09 01

      Castles in the Air, Matt Lamster, Scientific American
    • 02 01

      Thinking Globally, Acting Humbly, Lisa Delgado, Oculus
    • 02 01

      Global City 20 Years Later, Saskia Sassen, a+u
    • 11 17

      Urban Intervention, Steven Zacks, Metropolis
    • 11 01

      Towering Green Ambitions, Joann Gonchar, GreenSource
    • 08 09

      Richard Cook on Sustainable Architecture, Paul Golberger, New Yorker
    • 06 06

      Bank of America Building: A New Green Standard?, Jeffrey Kluger, TIME
    • 05 27

      The Hole Story: How they're making a screen for the West Side "Green Home," Maria Morelli, Post Standard
    • 05 25

      NYC Skyscraper is First U.S. Commerical Tower to Earn LEED Platinum, Joann Gonchar, Architectural Record
    • 05 24

      One Bryant Park Banks on Many Shapes, Anton Troianovski, Wall Street Journal
    • 05 19

      Don't LEED Us Astray, Alec Appelbaum, New York Times
    • 03 01

      On the Rocks: Chill Factor, Alex Wilson, GreenSource
    • 01 01

      Cooling the Warming, Greg Franta, Rocky Mountain Institute
    • 12 15

      Building New Neighborhoods in Syracuse, Using Some Pieces of the Old, Alec Appelbaum, New York Times
    • 11 01

      Cook+Fox: Setting the Bar for Large-Scale Sustainability, Jennifer Kirkland, American Builders Quarterly
    • 06 01

      Opening the Way, John Cantrell, Town & Country
    • 05 03

      White Way Gets a 'Green' Theater, Patrick Healy, New York Times
    • 05 01

      Bank of America: The Ecological Potential of Density and Mass, Detail Magazine
    • 05 01

      Up on the Roof, Verlyn Klinkenborg, National Geographic Magazine
    • 04 27

      The Green House of the Future, Alex Frangos, Wall Street Journal
    • 04 01

      Heroes of the Day: Richard A. Cook and Robert F. Fox, Sarah Bliss, Gotham Magazine
    • 12 01

      Bank of America Takes Manhattan, Cathleen McGuigan, HQ Magazine
    • 10 01

      Height: Between possibility and responsibility, Jeremy Melvin, The Architectural Review
    • 08 05

      Dramatic & Beguiling, James Gardner, The New York Sun
    • 06 27

      At One Bryant Park, Scale Changes Everything, James Gardner, New York Sun
    • 06 01

      New Age Architecture, Sara Hart, Fulcrum
    • 03 01

      Learning to Live on Alternative Energy, Joann Gonchar, Architectural Record
    • 01 28

      Apple Store Doesn't Fall Far From Tree, James Gardner, New York Times
    • 12 01

      The Global Warming Survival Guide - No. 9 Build a Green Skyscraper, Michael Lemonick, TIME Specials
    • 11 19

      Al Gore Moving Into Douglas Durst's One Bryant Park, Eliot Brown, New York Observer
    • 10 31

      Architects Go Green at the Office, Alex Tarquinio, New York Times
    • 06 18

      Take Your Planet to Work, Lisa Takeuchi Cullen, TIME Magazine
    • 04 25

      Green Believer: Environmentally friendly buildings make for happy tenants and workers, Lois Weiss, New York Post
    • 04 01

      Project Green, All-Stars: Richard Cook, Sustainable Architect, Katie Arnold, Outside
    • 03 22

      Clean Living, Max Gross, NY Post
    • 03 07

      Skyscraper as Role Model - It's a Green Family Affair, Bill Blakemore and Shepard Boucher, ABC News / Technology
    • 02 06

      Two Ariels Rise UP on the UW, James Gardner, New York Sun
    • 01 01

      Meet Richard Cook, Angelique LeDoux, TIME For Kids, Specials - Earth Day
    • 11 08

      Following Their LEED, Marc Kristal, Metropolis
    • 08 05

      As Power Bills Soar, Companies Embrace 'Green' Buildings, Steven Mufson, Washington Post
    • 02 26

      Taking Chances on Great Designs, Alison Gregor, New York Times
    • 02 02

      High-Rises That Have Low Impact on Nature, Robin Pogrebin, New York Times
    • 12 25

      Got Beef? Not Anymore, Paul Kurutz, New York Times
    • 11 01

      One Bryant Park: The Most Ambitious Eco-Friendly Skycraper, Popular Science
    • 05 01

      When the Sky is No Longer the Limit, Katherine Millett, Plenty Magazine
    • 03 01

      The 54-Story Air Filter, Patrick De Justo, Popular Mechanics
      2004  and earlier
    • Green grows up... and up and up and up, Deborah Snoonian, Architectural Record Innovation
    • Bank of America Tower, Bay Brown, Architecture Magazine
    • Big and Green, Sam Lubell, Architectural Record
    • Cook+Fox Unveils Bank of America Tower, Sam Lubell, Architectural Record
    • Whale of a new hood, Susan Smith, New York Post
    • The Best Building in Years, James Gardner, New York Sun
    • Fitting In, Philip Nobel, Metropolis
    • Body and Soul, Raul Barreneche, Interior Design Magazine
    • Beneath the Hoops, East Meditates with West, Elaine Louie, New York Times
    • Tale of Two Buildings, Steve Cuozzo, New York Post
    • Combining Old with New: Joining two buildings, Edwin McDowell, New York Times
    • New York's Secret Power, Craig Kellogg, Metropolis Magazine
    • Shared Conferencing, Karen Tetlow, Interiors Magazine
    • Global City 20 Years Later, Saskia Sassen, a+u
    • Saving Diamonds in the Rough, CURBED New York


    • Historic Front Street - Winner, Historic Districts Council Design Awards
    • The Hegeman - Winner, BSA Housing Design awards
    • 130 West 12th Street - Residential Projects Winner, The Greater New York Construction User Council
    • CityPoint - Award for Excellence in Design, NYC Public Design Commission
    • One Dekalb – Retail Award Winner, Building Brooklyn Awards
    • The Hegeman - Awards of Merit for Residential Multi-Family, AIA New York State Design Awards
    • One Bryant Park - Award of Merit for Commercial/Institutional Large, AIA New York State Design Awards
    • One DeKalb - Award for Excellence in Design, NYC Public Design Commission
    • Rick Cook - Elevation to the AIA College of Fellows
    • Live Work Home - One and Two Family Production Homes Winner, AIA National Housing Awards
    • 130 West 12th Street - Sustainable Design Award, Global Green USA
    • 2011 - Stephen Sondheim Theater - Award of Merit for Institutional, AIA New York State Design Awards
    • Live Work Home - LEED Platinum Certification, US Green Building Council
    • Stephen Sondheim Theater - LEED Gold Certification, US Green Building Council
    • Lucida - LEED Silver Certification, US Green Building Council
    • Lucida - Green Good Design Award, The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies / The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design
    • Cook+Fox Architects - #66, Top 100 Firms, Architect
    • Lucida - Green Masters Award
    • Stephen Sondheim Theater - Architecture Awards: Merit Award, United States Institute for Theatre Technology
    • Skanska - LEED Platinum Certification, US Green Building Council 2011 - 641 6th Avenue - Award of Merit for Interiors, AIA-NY
    • One Bryant Park - LEED Platinum Certification, US Green Building Council
    • One Bryant Park - Best Tall Building - Americas Region, Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
    • Cook+Fox Architects - Semi-Finalist, Buckminster Fuller Challenge
    • Cook+Fox Architects - #34, Top 50 Firms, Architect Magazine
    • Cook+Fox Architects - #5, Top 10 Green Firms, Architecture Magazine
    • Cook+Fox Architects - Gotham Giant Award, Museum of the City of New York
    • Live Work Home - Competition Winner, From the Ground Up: Innovative Green Homes, Syracuse University School of Architecture
    • One Bryant Park - Project of the Year, Society of American Registered Architects
    • 401 W 14th St - Award of Merit for Adaptive Reuse, AIA New York State Design Awards
    • 11 Christopher Street - Award of Merit for Residential Large Projects, AIA New York State Design Awards
    • Friends Center, Angkor Hospital for Children Award of Excellence for International Projects, AIA New York State Design Awards
    • Friends Center, Angkor Hospital for Children - Honor Award for Design Excellence, Boston Society of Architects/AIA-NY
    • Waterfront Tower - Project Honor Award, AIA-NY Design Awards
    • Front Street - Housing Award - Multifamily Housing, AIA National
    • Cook+Fox Architects - Honor Roll of Green Design Award, New York School of Interior Design
    • Cook+Fox Architects - Winner, One Congress Street, Invited Design Competition among Foster+Partners, OMA, SOM and Gensler
    • Bob Fox - Rachel Carson Environmental Award, Natural Products Association
    • 641 6th Avenue - LEED Platinum Certification, US Green Building Council
    • Cook+Fox Architects - Competition Finalist, Powerhouse: New Housing New York Legacy Project, AIA-NY, NHNY Steering Committee, City of NY Department of Housing Preservation and Development, & NYSERDA
    • Cook+Fox Architects - Pillar of New York Award, The Preservation League of New York State
    • Front Street - Excellence in Historic Preservation Awards, Project Excellence, Preservation League of New York State
    • Front Street - Charter Award: Block, Street, and Building, Congress for the New Urbanism
    • Front Street - MASterworks Award for Best Residential Restoration, Municipal Art Society of New York
    • Front Street - Honor Award for Housing Design, AIA-NY
    • Bob Fox - Big Green Apple Award, New York City Council
    • Bob Fox - Leadership Award, US Green Building Council
      2005  and earlier
    • Front Street - Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award, New York Landmarks Conservancy
    • Chelsea Grande - Charter Award: The Building, Congress for the New Urbanism
    • Bob Fox - Urban Visionary Award, Cooper Union

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