A Brooklyn building that connects residents to nature, reflects the masonry craftsmanship of the neighborhood, and addresses the issues of providing sustainable, affordable housing.

Brooklyn, NY
Greenland Forest City Partners
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At 535 Carlton there are 298 rental units designed to address the issues of sustainable, affordable housing in New York City. Situated at the corner of Dean and Carlton, the adjacent streetscape is a place of masonry, textures, light and shadow, and dappled sunlight across sidewalks. The direction of our design is to translate bricks and mortar into a building that creates an extension of the vibrant surrounding neighborhood of Prospect Heights.


The building form is articulated as a careful composition of masonry and expansive windowed volumes that gradually setback from a 60’ high street wall on Dean Street. Through a series of terraces, the buildings creates a transition from the sidewalk and pedestrian scale of Prospect Heights to an appropriate “bookend” that frames the new public park and surrounding future buildings along Atlantic Avenue.

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The design aesthetic for 535 Carlton is a reflection of our pursuit of minimal, elegant detailing that will establish a high level of quality for all the buildings to be built around Pacific Park. The façade details celebrate the craft and workmanship of masonry construction, and evokes a sincere respect for the human scale, proportion, and texture that is characteristic of the neighborhood.


Views to the public park and natural daylight are prioritized, connecting residents with nature and natural cycles. On each floor, daylit elevator vestibules provide every single resident direct views of Pacific Park. At the street, the residential entry is designed to provide open vistas through the lobby, allowing a visual connection from the street to the public space of the park beyond. 


Significant landscaped space is planned to be distributed throughout the “fifth façade” of the rooftop, terraces, and setbacks. The ability to have nature at multiple levels and multiple scales will provide people the opportunity to get their “hands in the dirt.” Urban agriculture and residential gardens are fundamental elements that we are incorporating as integral parts of the design. This direct connection to nature reflects how we see people living and interacting with their neighbors in the building. The landscaped terraces will provide residents with expansive vistas of Brooklyn, Prospect Park, and even the harbor beyond.

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Rick Cook / Brandon Specketer / Susie Teal / Justin Halsey / Zack Maurer / Jean Li / Vincent Linarello / Miha Brezavšček /  Leila Hirvonen / Morteza Karimi / Darin Reynolds / Nat Felder / Shira Grosman / Bethany Borel / Marguerite Lefevre / Nadia Samuelson / Giacomo Vischi / Hilary Catterall

535 Carlton