COOKFOX Office App

This CF Mobile App is not only for checking into the Studio, it is a way to gather and keep current: emergency contacts, addresses, and telephone numbers; contacting all CF employees in case of emergency; eventually replacing some of the functions of Trace like the newsfeed.  Additionally we will roll out surveys to the Staff. 

Android Users:

You will need to download the APK file from the link below.

Once you download you will need to install it. Depending on your phone settings, it might tell you that the app is from a “third-party” and is not certified by Google PLAY Protect. Please user the override instructions and install the app. Once installed you will see the app on your phone. The icon is the COOKFOX logo.

Download the APK:

Apple Users:

If you are an iPhone user, we need to send you a custom link that will have a redemption code embedded in the link. Email helpdesk to get a redemption code link

You will need to click on it from your iphone, and then follow the steps to install.

It is recommended that the first time you get on the app you use the web browser to login and do the initial set up.

 After Installation

Once you have installed the app, you will have to fill out your personal contact and other information that Amanda spoke about.

After that it will take you to the regular menu of the app. Adding the personal info is only the first time around. However you will be able to update your personal info (e.g. a change of address) at any time from within the app.

If you run into issues, please come see me when you are in the office next week and I can help you with the issues.

Click on the button below to access the Web Version of the app.