The New York Times: Saving Modernism in the Hamptons

Press 05.13.2022
To make space for a larger house in Westhampton Beach, CookFox Architects moved Andrew Geller’s 1959 double-diamond Pearlroth house to a different location on the property.
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Via The New York Times:

“Yes, early modern homes were frequently small, cheaply built and designed as summer escapes, he allowed, but there are still ways to preserve the most remarkable ones, even for moneyed buyers who now want expansive estates. One option is to keep the original structure as a guesthouse or studio and build bigger next to it, like CookFox Architects recently did when it moved and restored Mr. Geller’s 1959 double-diamond Pearlroth house in Westhampton Beach to make way for a new, larger house on the same property.”

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