Architect’s Newspaper: Interview – Pam Campbell

Press, Studio News 06.05.2015
Live Work Home - exterior
Live Work Home is the winner of the Ground Up Housing Competition to create affordable, highly-efficient single-family homes on abandoned lots in the Near Westside neighborhood of Syracuse, NY. Photography by Richard Barnes.
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Henry Melcher – Architect’s Newspaper

In recent years, sustainability has become one of the most prominent motivators of architectural design. Rarely is a project unveiled without a corresponding press release touting a green roof, photovoltaic array, or an expected LEED ranking. While such headline-grabbing green building features are important, New York City–based architecture practice COOKFOX believes that sustainability should go beyond reducing the energy footprint. The firm has been incorporating principles of biophilic design into its projects in order to produce buildings that treat human beings as an integral part of a natural ecosystem.

AN’s Henry Melcher recently spoke with COOKFOX Senior Associate Pam Campbell about what biophilic design is and how her firm is incorporating it into its architecture.

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