Architectural Digest: COOKFOX Architects Restores the Hamptons’ Iconic Double Diamond House

Press 10.17.2016
Double Diamond
When occupied, the facade opens to review a clear view from the Double Diamonds to the beach beyond the family residence. Photography by Rob Cleary.
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Fred A. Bernstein – Architectural Digest

When Rick Cook of CookFox Architects first visited the Pearlroth House, a box-kite-like icon of midcentury modernism in Westhampton Beach, New York, the building was a mess, boarded up and on the verge of falling down. But Cook’s son David, then eight years old, climbed around the dilapidated structure and pronounced it “the coolest house ever.”

“He was responding to its lightness and playfulness,” reflects Cook, who calls the house “freakishly great.” Designed by architect Andrew Geller in 1959, the oceanfront home became emblematic of an age when a 600-square-foot cabin was considered plenty big for summer weekends. But by the time Cook visited, the property’s owner, Jonathan Pearlroth, who had inherited it from his father, had considered tearing it down to make way for a bigger place for his growing family. Attempts to give the house, also known as the Double Diamond, to the town of Southampton had foundered.

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