DuJour: Future Perfect

Press 12.01.2018
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Marcelle Sussman Fischler – DuJour

“In 1934, when the New York Central Railroad’s new St. John’s Terminal was completed, the massive warehouse-style building connected the freight line with Manhattan’s West Side. Its location at the southern end of the elevated Hight Line viaduct made it possible for 227 train cars to unload goods needed by local businesses. At the time, the improvement project was hailed for sparking “a new era for the industrial West Side.”

Flash forward 84 years. The southern terminus of the High Line is about to be transformed into the “workplace of the future,” says Rick Cook, foundĀ­ing partner of COOKFOX Architects. The planned 1.3 million square feet of commercial office space intertwined with three acres of greenery may herald another innovative new era.”