The Architect’s Newspaper: In the Bronx, COOKFOX delivers sustainable, affordable public housing for seniors

Press 08.11.2022
Brick is retained on the two interior elevations of the project, enhancing its sense of urbanity within the inner-block courtyard. (Frank Oudeman/OTTO)
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Via The Architect’s Newspaper:

“Perhaps COOKFOX’s greatest design accomplishment is how little this low-cost, nearly net-zero housing development looks like either of those things: The finishes and fixtures in the below-grade lobby wouldn’t be out of place in a boutique hotel, and even the acoustic paneling in the gallery is turned to aesthetic effect, setting up a pleasing rhythmic procession through the corridor. As the South Bronx undergoes yet another one of its serial transformations, the Betances is a welcome sign that this time, with any luck, the old neighborhood and the new one might be able to coexist.”

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