Architectural Record: 512W22 by COOKFOX Architects

Press 12.03.2019
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Via Architectural Record

“You feel better when you’re connected to nature,” asserts Rick Cook, founding partner of COOKFOX Architects, whose new commercial building in New York takes that idea and runs with it. Inspired in part by its idyllic position just beside the Chelsea Thicket, a gently winding portion of the High Line that is a miniature forest of lush dogwoods, hollies, and roses, the design of 512W22 incorporates natural and reclaimed building materials (including a former parking structure). Most notable, though, are the generous outdoor spaces. In fact, between landscaped terraces on each floor of the 11-story tower and two sprawling green roofs, there are 16,000 square feet of planted expanses, exceeding the area of the largest floor plate.

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