Bloomberg: New York Landlord to Build Miami Office With Giant Outdoor Space

Press 07.13.2022
Rendering of new development by Helm Equities in Miami.
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Via Bloomberg:

The new building, dubbed Parterre 42, will include 80,000 square feet of usable outdoor space, the largest such offering in the city, according to Helm. The developer has enlisted architect Rick Cook, who is behind Google’s new offices at Manhattan’s St. John’s Terminal.

“The biggest thing for us is the amount of outdoor space and the pure size and scale of it,” Ayal Horovits, principal of Helm, said by phone. In terms of the usable outdoor space, “there’s been nothing built in Miami anywhere near this in terms of the design, but what we’re seeing happen, across the country and globally, is this embracing of outdoor space and community shared spaces.”

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