The New Yorker: Google’s New Manhattan Groundscraper Bets on the Future of the Office

Press 03.05.2022
The floor-to-ceiling windows on the west side of Google’s new headquarters look out over the Hudson and beyond. Illustration by Nicholas Konrad / The New Yorker
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Via The New Yorker:

Cook is an evangelist for “biophilic” design, a set of building principles that takes environmental impact and human biology into account. Access to outdoor space is one of the principles, and the building’s enormous wraparound terraces on the twelfth, eleventh, and fourth floors will be planted with indigenous flora intended to offer respite and nourishment to both local fauna and Googlers. cookfox’s offices in midtown, in the former Fisk Tire building, have terrace gardens, too—bees that live in cookfox’s hives pollinate plants in Central Park, a few blocks away. “Biophilic design is about so much more than plants in the workplace,” Cook said. “It’s about a different theory of how to make people feel healthy, lower cortisol levels, and feel connected to a larger system of life. It’s a much deeper theory of thought.”

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